Kingspriest - Gerry Litwin: Guitars, Drums, Vocals...Ron Owens: Bass Guitars, Drums, Vocals...Jacqueline Litwin: Vocals...

After being extracted out of the Rock World in the early 90's, leaving his Rock Band "BLACK ONYX" behind him for the Gospel of "JESUS CHRIST", Gerry laid down his talents, thinking he's never going to sing or play an instrument again. Then God spoke to him a few years later, and said, I didn't Bestow on you these gifts and talents to hide them under a bushel. You will now use them for "My Exclusive Glory". Shortly there after, Ron Owens, of "BLACK ONYX" gave his life to "JESUS CHRIST" also. After several years serving together in traditional "Praise and Worship" Church of God style, along with Gerry's wife, Jacqueline Litwin, Gerry, Ron, and Jacque', have formed the embryo of what is now the band, "KINGSPRIEST". Gerry and Ron were the heart of the rock band "BLACK ONYX", and now after giving their lives to "JESUS CHRIST", "KINGSPRIEST" and the debut album, "EARS TO HEAR" is just the beginning of their new journey down Kingdom road. God willing, a journey we'll all take together. To the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, JESUS is the CHRIST. To all, through Him, may we be Richly Blessed.